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The diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases requires a cooperative relationship between the patient, the physician, and his allergy nursing staff.

Since the treatment of allergic diseases involves continuous therapy and re-evaluation over a minimum period of three years, the patient should be fully aware of this before entering into this program.

The complete allergy evaluation consists of a detailed history, physical examination, and any diagnostic laboratory tests that may be indicated by the physician.

The initial allergy testing, which is done on two mornings, includes pollens (weeds, grasses, and trees), house dusts, and the airborne mold spores. At least ten of the most common foods are also tested.

Using an escalated dose schedule, a maintenance level is obtained in six to ten weeks. Special instructions and detailed lists will be given for any foods that are to be eliminated from the diet.

A routine re-evaluation will be done approximately every three months during the first year of treatment. As the seasons change, so does the patient's sensitivity. Adjustments in the treatment doses will be needed for optimal relief of symptoms.

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